Sustainable Management

Mediana is a leading medical device company in South korea. 

We develop and manufacture patient monitoring devices (PMD) and automated external defibrillators (AED),

which we supply not only domestically but also to approximately 80 countries worldwide."
We are dedicated to the social value of saving lives and, with a strong sense of responsibility, are poised to lead a new era of 'AI healthcare.' 

Social Responsibility Policies

Mediana prioritizes human rights in all its business activities and fulfills its social responsibilities.

We declare 'Human Rights Management' that ensures the dignity and value of individuals as the code of conduct and value judgment

standard for all employees. We commit to the following actions to implement this vision. 


We support/comply with international standards and norms related to human rights, such as the "UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ISO 26000, SA 8000, and GRI Standards," and adhere to all domestic laws related to human rights protection.


We treat our partners fairly, support them in practicing human rights management, and suspend transactions if any human rights violations occur.


We do not discriminate in employment based on gender, disability, race, religion, nationality, region, social status, educational background, age, or political orientation, and we provide a work environment of mutual respect and consideration.


We provide a safe and hygienic work environment for all employees.


We prohibit child labor and forced labor, including among our partners, and comply with all labor principles recommended by the International Labour Organization(ILO) and ratified by the nation, as well as all domestic labor-related laws concerning health, safety, and work environment.


We guarantee the freedom of association and collective bargaining for all employees.


We respect the human rights of all stakeholders, including local residents, partners, and related organizations.


We comply with domestic and international environmental regulations and strive for environmental protection and pollution prevention.


We proactively prevent human rights violations, strive for active remediation, and lead continuous human rights improvement activities to be at the forefront of human rights management.