Monitor Defibrillator Remote Management Solutions

Detailed Description

Central monitoring systems for Ambulance 

InfoWare G (Central Monitoring Systems for ambulance) is a specialized solution developed by Mediana in collaboration with field emergency medical personnel to address the limitations of emergency center response capacity and resource shortages that can occur when mass casualty incidents lead to uncontrolled or uncoordinated transport of multiple casualties to hospitals. Utilizing LTE or 5G communication technology, it transmits real-time changes in critical patients' vital signs—such as ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature—to guide the transport to the nearest emergency center.

Mediana's ambulance transport solution supports the transfer of critical patients to their final destination, the emergency center, with real-time remote systems that enable medical personnel to assist paramedics in providing emergency care to critical patients. At the emergency center, hospital medical staff can monitor the patient's vital signs and location in real-time, observing any abnormalities. This solution is designed to uphold the patient's golden hour from the time of the emergency call until the ambulance reaches the hospital emergency center, supporting medical personnel's decision-making, treatment, and care processes.  

12 LEAD Data Send

The 12-lead data measured by the Mediana Monitor Defibrillator can be transmitted and received via LTE or 5G, then analyzed on a PC and printed automatically. This feature allows medical personnel to quickly provide appropriate treatment for STEMI diagnosis, angiography, acute arrhythmia evaluation, and abnormal conditions, aiding in evaluation and decision-making. .

12 LEAD Value Analysis

The 12 lead value analysis includes values that display the electrical activity of the heart, which are essential for evaluating myocardial condition, heart rate, rhythm, and electrical axis direction. Each lead's value represents the electrical signal measured from a specific area, allowing for the determination of the type and extent of heart disease.

Event Review Software 

The Event Review Software: Monitor Defibrillator allows visually reviewing key data from stored post-treatment data using the Review Report, a resuscitation rate analysis tool. This includes CPR performance metrics such as compression duration, chest compressions and ventilation, rate, longest pause, energy charging time, energy delivery interval, pause duration, and time to first shock. Additionally, the software provides access to the complete event data and user management tracking, enabling medical staff to actively use it for performance review and improvement.