Sustainable Management

Mediana is a leading medical device company in South korea. 

We develop and manufacture patient monitoring devices (PMD) and automated external defibrillators (AED),

which we supply not only domestically but also to approximately 80 countries worldwide."
We are dedicated to the social value of saving lives and, with a strong sense of responsibility, are poised to lead a new era of 'AI healthcare.' 

Online Reporting

Our online reporting system is available not only to our employees but also to our partners, customers, and other external stakeholders.
You can report and suggest anything related to human rights, ethics, or environmental issues as experienced by our partners, customers, or third parties.
All reports and suggestions will go through a verification and remediation process, and the result will be communicated to the reporter.
We project the identity of the reporter and consider all submissions through our online reporting system as valuable contributions to our sustainable management efforts.